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Lillie Belle Bundy Iverson

Born:  22 July 1883

Place:  Willow Island Dawson County Nebraska

Married:  Peter Martin Iverson

When:  2 December 1902, Sealed: 23 December 1902, St. George, Utah Temple

Children:  Vernon, Vearl, Floyd, Letha, Eva, George, Lawrence (Dale), Bethal, Rossaliea


Lillie & Martin Iverson Children

Left to Right: Floyd, Leatha, Eva, George, Lawrence, Bethel



Left to Right: Vearl, Vern, Floyd, George, Lawrence


Back Row:  Vearl, Vernon, Floyd


Front Row:  Letha, Eva, George, Bethel, Lawrence

Peter Martin Iverson

Lillie & Martin Iverson

George Iverson

Rosaliea - Died at age 3 years

Back Row:  Vernon


Middle:  Martin, Lillie


Front:  Vearl, Floyd

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