How the Reunion Works!

An annual event and a family so large could not function on it's own, which is why there are a lot of people involved in keeping the family together and planning the Bundy Reunion. 

Each of the nine children listed on the HISTORY page has one descendant who is elected by the other family members as a representative or the "head of family".

These 9 representatives form a committee with representation from each family. 

To keep things running smoothly there is also a Reunion President, elected during the Reunion, they serve 4 years (2 years as Vice President and 2 years as President) and organize the reunion every year. 

Below you can see a little more about each position and the committee:

2019-2020 Reunion Presidency


Talen Bundy

Organizes the reunion, runs it, and makes sure everything goes according to plan. This year we are celebrating the Centennial year of when Mt. Trumbull was settled. 

Vice President:

Logan Reid

Conducts closing ceremonies, assists the president in running the reunion. Assists President as needed.

(435) 632-1328

Darillyn Southworth

Mails out reunion schedule, keeps

minutes of presidency meetings, and

assists the President as needed.

(435) 705-8786

Kallie McInnes

Manages the family fund, collects

dues, and writes checks on behalf

of the organization.

(435) 668-1975


Events Chair:
Tawnee Bundy Bell

Arranges for, and informs

event coordinators of their responsibilities.

Web & Social Media
Mikelle Despain

Manages the website, social media and sends newsletters.


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Living Records:
Kendell Bundy

Living records are very important because they provide the lists from which to send the reunion invitation each year. They include information of every single family member; name, address, phone number, etc. If you didn't get an invitation, have moved recently, or just want to make sure all your information is correct e-mail:


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Family Histories:
Janice Hummel

Family histories are a great resource for learning about ancestors and providing your own story that future generations will turn to as a source of faith and inspiration. Chair of Family History also conducts the "reminiscing" event at the reunion.

For more information about family history, contact:

​Geneology Chair:
Christine Reber

Don't get ahead of yourself when it comes to geneology. We have a committee designed especially to keep track of every person, date, and detail. They've traced us back centuries to find our heritage, but if you want to do research please make sure you do it properly, to avoid error and duplication, please contact the geneology committee before you start your own investigations.

You can contact:

100 Year Celebration:
Clay & Carol Bundy

Join us in celebrating the Centennial celebration of the Settlement of Mt. Trumbull, AZ.


Event will be held at the Arizona Strip Schoolhouse.

Sat. September 3rd, 2016

12:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.

From Dutch Oven cooking, to re-enactments of the settlers, demonstrations, and booths you won't want to miss this event!

(435) 680-0399

For more information visit:


Heads of Families

Chairman of the Board of Directors: Barry Bundy
Secretary: Glenda Reid
Lillie: Logan Reid​
Roy: Winona Faught
James: Les Bundy
Omer: ​Cory Bundy
Ina: Steve Gifford​
Pat: Wendell Bundy​
Chet: Slade Hughes
Edna: Norma Bettridge
The Chairman of the Board conducts the meetings of the board and does not have a vote in any of the decisions made, unless he needs to break a tie.

The secretary takes all the meeting minutes, sends out meeting information, and keeps all other meeting records. Because the family is a registered corporation with the state, the secretary files an annual report, and always remains the 3rd signature on the checking account. The secretary has no authority to to make a motion or vote but is a vital part of the committee.
The heads of families are elected by the other members of their families during the reunion, the family can decide who they want to represent them. The heads of families meet quarterly to discuss and vote on things that can be improved at the reunion. They keep family lists and location of family members worldwide. They also keep track of both living and historical family records.
Get involved in your family! 
You really can make a big difference in the family and in the world.

Ashley Shelton, a geographer and descendant of Abraham Bundy, made some unique and interesting maps showing the spread of Abraham's descendants across the country. Each dot is colored by family line. Look how much we've grown, we span the nation!
Anther map shows the influence that the descendants of Roy Bundy have had on the world. To see what an influence we have in the world, check out more of the maps HERE.