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Nominations for New President

The time has come to start gathering replacement nominees for Barry Bundy as the Bundy Family Organization President. His tenor will be up in August 2023. This position is a commitment for 10 years.

As you know, Barry has done an excellent job and we hate to let him out of it, but it’s time for another family member to fill the shoes.
We want to express our appreciation and gratitude to Barry for his service to the Bundy Family for a job well done. Thank you!

We will be discussing nominees in the next reunion meeting with the family heads on January 29th, 2023.

The President “qualifications” are in the by-laws. You may also watch the video of Barry explaining his duties that was posted before the reunion, for more information on the role of the President.

Please email all nominees to the Corporate Secretary, Darillyn Southworth:

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